Rhassoul Dry Clay Facial Mask
Rhassoul Dry Clay Facial Mask
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Rhassoul Dry Clay Facial Mask

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Mined beneath the Atlas Mountains of  Morocco, this clay has been used for centuries and is amazing as it is! No blend is needed. This spa quality clay is smooth and mineral rich, perfect for all skin types. A versatile clay known to help hydrate, detox and tone the skin. Your skin will be left feeling clean and hydrated. Wooden Spoon also provided.

Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay

To use, mix a small amount of clay with equal parts of liquid* to create a paste. Mix until smooth.  Apply to face, please avoid eye and mouth areas. Once it begins to dry, rinse with warm water and pat to dry. Do not wait until it's fully dried and crusted because your skin will dry out. Please note, with Rhassoul your skin might be a little red afterwards but the clay is just doing it's work and your skin will return to normal shortly after.

*Options for liquid include water, Apple Cider Vinegar, witch hazel, rose water, honey and (my personal favorite) Aloe Vera

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