About Us

Lye of the Land is a soap company from Penticton, British Columbia. We are proud to make handmade, all natural soap using only essential oils and natural colorants from nature. Our soaps have no toxins, parabens, perfumes, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Lye of the Land’s roots began in rural Prince Edward Island where Katherine grew up on a farm and was exposed to farm to table ideals. A naturalist at heart, she enjoyed learning how to garden and grow produce to make food with. Her interest in plants grew as she moved to the Rocky Mountains and started learning about foraging and how beneficial plants and their essential oils are for the mind, body
and soul. Katherine then decided to use her creativity and start making soaps using only essential oils.


“Making soap is a perfect way for me to incorporate everything I love and believe in. I use my creativity to make cool looking soaps but also learning more about plants and their properties every day. I feel proud hearing how my soaps help with people’s skin conditions and how they’ll never go back to conventional soaps.”